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Living Abroad as an Expat is so many things at once: an adventure, a challenge, a career choice. Packing up and settling down in a foreign country and culture is a big step. Here you will find tips and help to make the most of your time abroad! 

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MariaAbroad is a Travel Blog to inspire you and show you cool places around the world. I'll share articles about travel, culture, and craft beer. Follow me along, as I adventure through the world, one beer at a time. Cheers!

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Fragrant Hills – My China Experience 21

Fragrant Hills – My China Experience 21

Fall Colors at Fragrant Hills in Beijing On Sunday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and Sabrina and I decided to postpone our tour through the Hutongs for two reasons: First, we could do that on a rainy day as well, and second, her friend, a German-speaking tour...

Farewell Nir – My China Experience 18

Farewell Nir – My China Experience 18

Tuesday was Nir's last day in China, so he had to go find some nice souvenirs for his friends and family.  While I was at work, he went to the Silk market and one last time to Tiananmen Square.  He was supposed to come to my office at 5.30 PM so we could go...