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What is MariaAbroad? MariaAbroad is a blog about living an international lifestyle. From traveling to new places near and far and trying exotic recipes from all over the world to learning about other cultures. I want you to get swept away by books about mystical places and inspire you to try new things, challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and make the impossible possible.

Why am I writing about other cultures, traveling, studying and living abroad? Because I am an expert? Certainly not. But it is part of my life! I lived abroad for the past 10 years and had the opportunity to travel around the US, Asia and Europe. I think traveling is like a virus, once you have been bitten by the travel-bug, it will never let you go. Your experience abroad, whether as a traveler, an expat, a student, intern or au pair will change you forever.

I also want to bring the world a bit closer to you while at home, show you ways how you add a bit of the excitement and adventure of being in a foreign country into your everyday life and maybe satisfy your wanderlust in between your trips and adventures abroad. 

The first time I went abroad was when I was 16. I came to the US as a High School exchange student. After my graduation, I went back to Germany, but I knew that I will return to my life abroad eventually. Six years later, I finally made it back to America and finished my Bachelor in sunny San Diego. As life in the US was nothing new for me, I decided to spice things up a little and went to Beijing, China for an internship. You can read about my Experience in China here as well. Going abroad while being abroad – the definition of home became very blurry at that time… Working in a completely different culture was certainly not easy, but I learned a lot from this adventure. After my internship I returned to San Diego to continue my studies. While I had envisioned a life as an expat after my graduation, hoping from Singapore to Hong Kong to London and back, I didn’t anticipate what happened next. I guess it was pretty predictable for the people around me, but it still blindsided me. I got hitched. Yup. So instead of Singapore, I ended up in San Antonio Texas (for the time being) and settled down. But that doesn’t stop me from living an international lifestyle and exploring the wonders of the world through part-time travel, food, books and more. 

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