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Learning foreign languages can be hard and time consuming. Hours of pounding vocabulary into your head and boring flashcards – this is what we think of how learning a foreign language is. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some tips and tricks how to master a foreign language quicker and easier!

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Why Learn a Foreign Language?

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

This week's guest blog post was shared by Marie. She is a friend of mine from France, who is currently studying abroad in San Diego. Here are her thoughts on why you should learn a foreign language and her 10 best arguments to do so.  Why Should You Learn a...

How to learn a language in just weeks

How to learn a language in just weeks

How to learn a language in just weeks When you want to study abroad, you need to learn the language, otherwise you will miss out on the best part! But studying vocabulary lists and grammar ruler are boring, so I want to give you some tips how to learn a language in...

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