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Photo of the Day # 5: Ancient China in Chengdu

Mystic. Like a long lost paradise in ancient China. This is how I felt when I wandered the streets and temples of Chengdu. The sky was hanging low and the days were gloomy. Fog sucked the color from the landscape and turned everything a spooky grey. If it hadn’t been for the people dressed in jeans and sneakers, it would have felt like a Twilight Zone time warp that catapulted me back into days past, the ancient China that I longed to explore and learn more about. 

Chengdu is a fascinating city. Nestled in the lush hills of Sichuan Province, it is home of the infamous Panda Sanctuary, various temples and the gateway to Tibet. Pandas, spicy food and beautiful women – this is what Chengdu is known for and not only draws in visitors from all over the world, but also Chinese tourists from all corners of the Middle Kingdom. 

I was lucky to spent one week in this amazing city a few years ago and had some incredible adventures. I ate at a local farm house and explored a village market, took an all-Chinese tour to see the largest buddha in the world, and visited the Panda Bear Sanctuary in Chengdu. It has been almost 9 years since my trip, and I would love to see how it changed, especially after the devastating earthquake in 2008 that struck less than a year after my visit. 

Have you visited Chengdu or any other place that made you feel like you stepped back in time into a different era? 

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