Packing List For Your Weekend Getaway

Packing is what I used to dread the most about traveling. Almost as much as unpacking. I would procrastinate till the last minute, shove some clothes into a bag at the last minute and ALWAYS forget something. Socks, under wear, bra, bikini… you name it and I have forgotten it at least once. Ugh! There are many Packing Tips online, but still. 

So I started making a packing list every time I went somewhere, whether I was going on a staycation or jetting off to Europe. (If you want to blend in and not look like a tourist, take a look at these tips on European Fashion and how not to look like a tourist) Since I am German, and I need to optimize stuff, I started printing out my list a bunch of times for future trips. Then Pinterest gave me the idea to laminate it and reuse it over and over. Pretty smart, eh?

Guess what? Ever since I started using my packing list, I haven’t forgotten anything anymore and packing goes so much smoother and faster. That means, I start my trip less stressed and get into vacation mood much quicker. 

So here is my travel packing list for a 3-4 day weekend getaway. And below you’ll find a few extra packing tips to combine outfits and look amazing during your trip!

And if you are looking for a winter packing list, this one might be helpful: Europe Winter Packing List

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And some more Packing Tips for your Weekend Getaway:

Travel Packing List - Weekend Getaway1. Do laundry right before you start packing and fold your clothes right into the suitcase. Why hang them, just so you can pack them a few hours later?

2. Bring outfits are comfortable and that make you feel good. Vacation is not the time to squeeze yourself into a dress that won’t let you breathe and the pants that give you stomach cramps because they are so tight. 

3. Find outfits that you can mix and match. I try to bring tops that I can wear to at least 2 bottoms and a pair of comfy shoes that go with all your outfits and a pair of nice heels for a night out. 

4. Wrinkle free is your friend. Stay away from linen and silk, and try stretchy stuff or cotton instead. 

5. ALWAYS bring a shawl or scarf. They are so great to keep you warm in notoriously cold air planes or restaurants, provide cover up, when your clothing is a bit too revealing for the situation (like visiting a church, temple or mosque) or when you need to cover your lobster red shoulders from any more exposure.

6. Don’t over pack. If you are gone for 3-4 days, do you really need 8 tops and 5 pairs of bottoms, as well as 3 dresses? You don’t have to shlep your whole wardrobe with you on a quick little getaway. The less you obsess about your outfit, the more time you have to actually enjoy your vacation.