Best Restaurants in Mobile AL

If you come home from a trip without photos of delicious food and more restaurant recommendations than museum stubs, this article may not be for you. But if you are the kind of traveler that picks destinations based on local dishes, swoons over photos of treats and mouthwatering dishes, Mobile Alabama might just be the spot for you. I had some incredible meals during my time in Mobile, so here are my recommendations for the best restaurants in Mobile AL

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Best Breakfast Spots in Mobile AL

Bob’s Downtown Diner

Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama: Bob's Downtown Diner


Right before my incredible air boating and kayaking adventure with Gators, I had breakfast at Bob’s Downtown Diner. I ordered the Corned Beef Hash, and it was hands down one of the best versions I have ever tried. I admit it doesn’t look particularly photogenic, but boy, it is delicious. The owner told me that he uses his grandpa’s recipe and you can certainly feel the tradition and love that goes into this dish. Big chunks of tangy corned beef and potatoes under two perfectly cooked eggs. Poke the yolk and dig in. 

Bob’s also has a changing weekly lunch menu with Southern favorites like: green fried tomatoes, seafood etouffee, and red beans and rice. On the Corner of Fat and Happy is Bob’s Facebook Page handle and it couldn’t sum it up any better.

Facebook: Bobs Downtown Diner

263 Saint Francis St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


Panini Pete’s


Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama: Panini Pete's Beignets


Beignets are usually associated with Cafe DuMont in New Orleans, and as a former Louisiana resident, I was a wee bit skeptical, when I heard about Beignets in Mobile. But I was proven wrong.

Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama: Panini Pete's Beignets

Panini Pete’s Beignets were the bomb. They have a bit more substance than their Louisiana counterpart, but they are equally good. The Beignet Breakfast Sandwich is the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

But beware: DO NOT WEAR BLACK or evidence of your breakfast debauchery can be easily spotted on you for the rest of the day. Or you could just ask for one of their aprons to use as an oversized bib to protect you 😉

Facebook: Panini Petes of Mobile

102 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


Spot of Tea

Before heading to the airport, I walked over from the Malaga Inn to Cathedral Square to grab a bite at Spot of Tea. The weather was beautiful, so I sat outside and enjoyed the view of the park, enjoying my morning coffee. Mobile has a small town feel, a southern version of Stars Hollow and sitting there on the side of the park, I felt right at home. 

The food at the Spot of Tea did its part as well. The Cajun Seafood omelet sets high expectations by claiming it is “out of this world,” but it lives up to it. A fluffy omelet stuffed with spicy Cajun shrimp, smothered with a rich and creamy seafood gravy. At first, you think you’ll feel stuffed after a few bites, but trust me, it is impossible to stop eating until you scooped up the last speck of deliciousness. One of these “Can I lick my plate in public?” places.

Facebook: Spot of Tea 

310 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602 

Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama


Wintzell’s Oyster House

Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama: Wintzell's Oyster House


This place is an institution and one of the oldest restaurants in Mobile. As the name suggests, you are in for a treat, if Oysters and Seafood are your thing. We shared an Oyster sampler platter, and I had a hard time picking a favorite, but I think the Oysters Bienville with crab meat and parmesan were a contender. 

As the main course, I had the shrimp boil, which comes with potatoes and corn. The seasoning is on the light side (compared to a Louisiana-style boil), so it is perfect if you don’t like it quite as spicy. I also had a side of collard greens, because they are hard to find on menus in Texas and they were spot on. Just the right amount of tang and fire from the spicy vinegar. 

I can’t write about this place and not tell you about our waitress: Ms. Pinky is one hell of a character and locals request her as their server when they make reservations. Spouting funny stories and ridiculous sayings (that she makes up as she goes), she’ll spice up your experience. “Slap yo tongue back delicious” was probably my favorite Ms-Pinky-ism 🙂

Facebook: Wintzell’s Oyster House

605 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


The Noble South

Best Restaurants in Mobile: The Noble South - Rabbit Sausage with Chicken and Rye Dumplings


A beautiful Farm-to-Table style restaurant in Mobile, The Noble South creates a unique menu around the things that are in season and locally available while keeping its southern charm. The interior is light and airy. Lots of white, natural materials like wood and chalkboard with well-placed specks of color complete the quintessential modern farmhouse look. But enough about the interior design.

The food at the Noble South is undeniably Southern comfort fare but presented with sophistication and style. Nothing says fresh market fare more than fried squash flowers, don’t you think? The braised chicken livers with greens and poached eggs melt in your mouth and explode in your mouth with an earthy sweetness.

Another highlight was the rabbit sausage with chicken and rye dumplings for a unique twist on the iconic Chicken and Dumplings recipe. Just like the season, the menu at The Noble South changes according to what is fresh and available, so make sure you take a look at their website before you go.

Facebook: The Noble South

203 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602



Best Restaurants in Mobile Alabama: Roosters


Roosters is a new addition to the collection of Dauphin Street restaurants in Mobile. When the #TacoTuesday feeling hits you, this might be the ideal spot to chow down on some street style Al Pastor tacos with fresh Pineapple with Mango/Habanero Salsa.

I have to say that I am pretty spoiled when it comes to Mexican food, living in San Antonio (and before in San Diego), so I was a bit apprehensive. But Roosters does a fantastic job. Fresh ingredients, an innovative combination of traditional and new Mexican flavors make this a fun place to check out, eat some tacos and sip some Margaritas.

Facebook: Roosters Latin American Food

211 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


 OK Bicycle Shop


Best Restaurants in Mobile: OK Bicycle Shop Best Restaurants in Mobile: OK Bicycle Shop



If I lived in Mobile, this would be a regular hangout spot for the husband and I. Mexican food, Sushi AND 80s music? What’s not to love??? A place where the locals hang out and enjoy themselves and I can totally see why this is one of their favorite spots. It’s a dive bar with really good (no REALLY GOOD) food. I had some tongue tacos as a starter and finished off with the tuna ceviche. It was like a spicy tuna roll and traditional ceviche had a beautiful baby. Soooo delicious!!! 

And then there were the drinks. I am not usually a fruity cocktail person, but when I saw that they had an Ancho-Mango-Margarita, I had to try. I loved the smoky flavor of Ancho chiles and combined with the sweetness of the mango; it was a drink I won’t forget anytime soon. 

Facebook: OK Bicycle Shop

661 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


Best Bars in Mobile Alabama

Now that I introduced some of the best restaurants in Mobile to you, let’s shift our focus to the after-dinner options. As the sister city of New Orleans (both cities were founded by the same French brothers), Mobile has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife. There are a ton of bars in Mobile, and you won’t go thirsty, but it is not as crazy as it gets on Bourbon Street. 



Eugene’s Monkey Bar

Eugene’s is a hotel bar, and usually, this is not something I’d usually recommend, but the cocktails here were really yummy and the decor is beautiful. I tried the Thyme Snap with vodka, thyme syrup, and pear juice and the Jubilee which were a perfect choice to cool down on a porch in steamy hot Alabama.

When I walked around the lobby of the hotel (a Hilton Garden Inn), I was really surprised by the stunning decor and local touch. I am not a big fan of chain hotels, but this one had lots of stunning details that made the place look unique and integrated with the Mobile location. Also, if you visit during Mobile Mardi Grad, this would be a perfect location to view the parade from your hotel room (make sure to call ahead and verify the location of your room and book early).  

Facebook: Eugene’s Monkey Bar

15 N Conception St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


The Haberdasher

Best Bars and restaurants in Mobile Alabama: The Haberdasher

I hate gin. With a passion. No seriously. If you put a drink with just a hint of gin in front of me, I can smell it from a mile away. But my lovely fellow travel companions peer pressured me into trying a Gin Fizz and now I am in love. I even went back for a second one the following night.

But enough about Gin. The Haberdasher is a really neat place. A tad hipsterish, but not too hipsterish, if you know what I mean.

Also, the bartenders know what they are doing. They go to seminars in New Orleans regularly to learn about the latest trends in mixology and perfect their craft. I mean, they were able to sell me on gin, so they must be good, right?

Facebook: The Haberdasher

113 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


LoDa Bier Garten

If you are a fan of craft beer, Loda Beer Garten is your place. They have an extensive beer selection and feature pretty much every beer from Mobile. Perfect for people-watching when you sit outside.

Facebook: LoDa Beer Garten Mobile

251 Dauphin St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602


Flip-Side Bar and Patio

A perfect LGBTQ-friendly dive bar with cheap drinks, karaoke on Tuesdays and a chill patio in the back. People are laid back and super friendly, so this would be a great place to check out if you are traveling solo. Also love that this is a smoke-free bar, which is apparently still a thing in Mobile. 

Facebook: Flipside Bar and Patio

54 S Conception St
Mobile, Alabama, AL 36602

And before I end this, I want to give a big shoutout to Visit Mobile for hosting me on this incredible trip and showing me around all the fun places in and around Mobile. The restaurants in Mobile are amazing and offer something for any taste bud. Just go out and explore, walk down Dauphin Street and see what strikes your fancy. I don’t think you can go too wrong at any of these places and this town certainly does not fall short on its motto “Born to Celebrate”!


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