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Photo of the Day # 4: Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai, China

The Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai is absolutely stunning. The yellow walls and the elegantly curved black roofs surrounding the temple complex lead us to a closed wooden door. It was one of those old, heavy doors with thick black metal fittings that make you feel like you are walking through a portal to a different time, when you pass through them. We bought our tickets and walked back to the door, where a few more tourists had gathered. Just as we arrived, the door opened and we entered the temple, stepping over the tall threshold. 

Instantly, we were were surrounded by a crowd mixed of tourists, guides and worshipers. The smell of incense was strong and made the the air pungent and heavy, compared to the fresh winter air outside the temple walls. We made our way to the prayer wheels and spun them clockwise, sending off our wishes towards the universe. 

The main attraction of the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai was, you guessed it right, the Jade Buddha. There are actually two Buddha statues at the temple. The famous Jade Buddha is sitting in Lotus pose on an intricately carved throne. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures of him. But to be honest, I liked the laying Buddha statue much more. It looked more peaceful and had a faint smile on face.  

Here are some more pictures from the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai

Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai: 

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The Jade Buddha in Shanghai was definitely a highlight!

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