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Photo of the Day # 3: Cowboys of Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a magical place. The iconic red rock formations make it a photographer’s dream. I set up my tripod in the parking lot of the Chapel of the Holy cross and started to take pictures of the stunning rock formations surrounding me. Time flew by and I completely lost myself in the process, snapping away, changing angles and trying to capture the beauty of nature. I just couldn’t get enough of this beautiful contrast of dark blue skies and the bright red and orange stones that are so indicative of Sedona, Arizona and forgot about the world around my viewfinder. 

 What happened next, took me by surprise. Through my viewfinder in my camera, I suddenly saw two men, on horses, with cowboy hats, ride into my picture frame. I snap a picture. And another one. Click. Click. Click. Then they were gone. I frantically look up from my camera, trying to readjust the tripod and find them again, but they had already disappeared behind some bushes. Did I just dream that? Cowboys with friggin Cowboy hats? In front of the infamous red rocks of Sedona? How much more Wild West could it get? 

I looked through the my camera’s library and confirmed that I got the shot. It wasn’t a dream. Well, maybe it was. A photographer’s dream come true. 


Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona 7


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