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Photo of the Day # 2: Santa Cruz – NorCal Beach Town & Sunflowers

When I arrived in Santa Cruz for my brother-in-laws wedding, it felt like I accidentally went to the wrong place. Santa Cruz just doesn’t feel or look like NorCal to me. Instead, it reminded me of all the cute little towns in SoCal, like La Jolla or Del Mar. Santat Cruz, it turned out, was a really cool surfer town with a pier and a nice beach, surf shops, restaurants and a bike path along the coast. It almost felt like being back in lovely San Diego. 

It was June and I enjoyed spending time outside, as it already was too hot for that in Texas. So I let the warm sun kiss my skin, wiggled my toes in the freezing Pacific and walked barefoot in the sand. I enjoyed the cool, refreshing breeze from the ocean, filled my lungs with fresh air and felt instantly relaxed.  Oh, and the fact that there were no mosquitos was also quite a change for the better. 

The wedding took place in a villa overlooking the ocean. A beautiful setting for a beautiful occasion, simple, yet elegant. Due to water restrictions, the grass was brown, but the sunflowers were thriving and that is where I took the shot above. I love this pictures, because every time I look at it, I can feel the warm sun on my skin and I taste the salty air.

Do you have any pictures that take you back to that moment, every time you look at them?

Oh and here is another photo from Santa Cruz, just because I love this car and it shows you the beach town feel that Santa Cruz has. I just want to hop in, put my surfboard on top and cruise down to the beach to hit the waves.






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