Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for US Students

Some study abroad locations are preferred by the student, some are preferred by the parents because they are considered more safe, some other study abroad destinations are preferred by the students because they are in at the moment.  In general students from Europe mostly go to the US to study abroad, while students from America mostly choose Europe as their study abroad destination. We all have different dreams, some cultures match better with some other, it also depends sometimes on the relations between two countries. But let’s talk about the American students, what do they like, where do they want to go to study abroad and why? Here are the top 10 study abroad destinations for US students studying abroad:

1. United Kingdom

It is not a surprise that UK earns the first place in our round-up of top 10 study abroad destination for US students, because as they have the same language, or at least approximately, it is easier to study there, you don’t have to worry about the language, you just go there. Other reasons are that the country is in Europe, has some of the top study abroad opportunities with its big cities like London or Edinburgh, more over if you are studying performing arts, literature or history, UK is the right place to go.

2. Italy

The romance of Venice, the history of its capital Rome, Italian culture, Italian food, after all it is not a surprise to see Italy placing second in the race of most popular study abroad destinations.  Italian culture is very present in the US. Italy is one of the first countries for vacationers, it also has the Europe’s oldest University in Bologna. Especially if you are interested in studying the language, history, fashion or religion, Italy is a good place to study abroad.

3. Spain

Eiffel Tower - Top 10 Study Abroad DestinationsSpain is in the top 3 study abroad destination, because most of the US students learn Spanish in school. It is also a country where you can find the European culture and the Mediterranean climate, so it’s just perfect. More over Barcelona and Madrid are cities were young people go out and can have a lot of fun!

4. France

Do I really need to tell you why France is on the top of the list of study abroad destinations for US students? I guess yes. France is the most visited country on earth; its history, its wine and food culture, and its beautiful language are some of the reasons of its success. And don’t forget that France is not Paris! A lot of students go to France to see Paris, and they stay there without visiting the other cities. So if you are studying art, history, cuisine, fashion, or if you simply want to learn French and look beyond the stereotypes you have to go there!

5. China

China welcomes more and more students coming to study abroad, mostly because it is a country which grew very fast in the past years, and certainly because they take a place which is more and more important in the world’s economy. So if you study business, if you want to know more about a completely different culture, or about one of their languages, you have to go to China.

6. Australia

As for the UK, it is easy for US students to study abroad in Australia because they speak the same language. Sydney and Melbourne are the cities where most of them are studying, but of course Australia is a big country, and you have the choice to study abroad at other universities like the University of Perth where you can study marine biology for example.

7. Mexico

Even if you preferred to go study abroad in Spain, just south there of the US is Mexico, a beautiful country with an important and interesting history, even if Mexico is not always seen as a safe country by Americans, it is in the top 10 preferred destinations.

Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for US Students8. Germany

The country of technology, manufacturing and… beer! If you are learning German, or if you want to practice it, if you want to work in the technology field, or if you want to learn a bit more about the German culture and their habits, you have to study abroad there. The Germans are very homey, they work harder than the European average, and this country has a really big history. These are some of the reasons why US students are going there, but the biggest might be that going to university in Germany is free for international students. And more and more majors are offered in English. Compare that to the thousands of Dollars US students pay at home, it is understandable that Germany is such a popular country among the top 10 study abroad destinations. 

9. Ireland

One more country in the top 10 study abroad destinations were English is spoken, but you will also be able to learn the Irish language. Ireland is notorious for being a land of impossible green landscapes, great beers, fantastically bad weather, and some of the warmest people you could hope to meet. It is a great experience to go there, and meet this population.

10. Costa Rica

If you are studying Spanish, this is one more country after Spain ad Mexico were you can practice it. It is one of the cheapest countries to study of this list. It is a great place to study the nature.

What do you think about this list of top 10 study abroad destinations for US students? Did you study abroad in any of these top 10 countries? Of did you study abroad in a “off-the-beaten-path” country? Share your experience with us!

Advantages of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has many advantages like learning a new language or giving you an edge on your resume. Are you ready to take on this adventure? 

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