Studying Abroad in Sweden?

10 Reasons Why Earning a Master’s Degree in Sweden Will Boost Your Career!

Do you wish you studied abroad in undergrad? Have you considered earning your Master’s degree abroad? Have you considered Sweden? Here are some great reasons why studying abroad in Sweden will boost your career:


1. Great Universities

Did you know that Sweden currently has the top five university system in the world? The universities in Sweden rank better than other English speaking countries including the UK and Australia.


2. Work Permit

One of the best advantages for pursuing a Master’s degree in Sweden is that you don’t have to put your career on hold. You can continue working! International students studying abroad in Sweden can work while on a student residence permit. Your job will need to meet some basic conditions but Sweden has some of the most liberal requirements in the world. Adding international work experience to your resume can be easy!


3. Over 1000 Programs in English

This is one of the best perks of studying abroad in Sweden: You can study there without knowing Swedish. You can jump right into your studies without having to learn another language. It is very common to complete your studies and get by in every day life using English as your primary language.  As you adjust, it might be a good idea to explore the language as those skills will benefit you both culturally and enhance your resume.


4. Sweden is Amazing

Sweden is a hotbed for innovation, creativity, equality, and sustainable development. It ranks #2 in Quality of Life and #5 in Best Countries in the World. Sweden Rocks! While this doesn’t necessarily add to your career prospects, it is still a huge plus for you to consider when choosing your study abroad destination. You want to be comfortable and enjoy life outside of the classroom and Sweden offers not only great work/life balance but a whole host of outdoor activities to keep you entertained and active.


5. International Network of Globally Recognized Companies

When you are studying abroad in Sweden, you will build an international network of colleagues from all over the world. When entering the workforce, this can be a valuable asset to your future employer. A number of globally successful companies originate from Sweden including Ikea, Spotify, Volvo and Astra Zeneca proving Swedish university graduates are successful.


6. Stand out from the Crowd

Sweden flies under the radar as a great study abroad destination, so choosing to study there will make you stand out from other applicants. If you try to get a foot in the door with a global or forward thinking company, your network in Sweden and study abroad experience can help position you above your competition.


7. Foreign Language Skills

Earning a degree abroad is a great opportunity to enhance your language skills. Even though it isn’t necessary to learn Swedish while there, the experience provides a window to learn the basics of a new language in a relaxed environment since almost everyone also speaks English. There is also a high number of students from all over the world further increasing your exposure to new cultures and other languages. This is another way to enhance your job prospects, especially if you have your eye on a large international company or even on a government role.


8. Learn Inter-Cultural Skills

When you are studying abroad in Sweden, you’ll be thrown into a different culture. You will learn a lot about how to interact with people who grew up with a different set of values, ideas, and backgrounds. Sweden is a progressive and forward thinking country with things like gender equality, LGBT rights and sustainability at the forefront of their policies. Exposure to these ideas will help broaden your point-of-view, and you will learn to work effectively with people from all over the world. In today’s global economy, this is a highly marketable skill.


9. Become Independent

Living abroad will make you more independent and confident. You need to rely on yourself and figure out how to adjust to a new school, new friends, and a different cultural way of life. These skills can transfer directly to your work environment and will be a plus no matter where your career talks you. Your future boss will appreciate it, that he/she can rely on your independence to get things done.


10. Travel and Adventure

If you study abroad in Sweden, you can take advantage of affordable travel options all over Europe. Explore Sweden or hop on a plane and head to Italy, Germany or the UK for a weekend or on your breaks from class. Use your time at university to explore, as it gets harder when you are working on your career post-graduation.


Bonus: Learn about Yourself

When you study for your master’s and live in a foreign country, you will learn a lot about the world, but even more about yourself. As you immerse yourself in a different culture, you get a different perspective on things. The distance to your old life, family, and friends can give you an opportunity to rediscover yourself. Maybe you uncover a new passion or interest that can open doors to a new career goal which you hadn’t even considered before.


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