Reasons to Stay with a Host Family

If you have the chance, try to stay with a local host family. I know, this does not sound very exciting at first. After all, an important reason to go study abroad is to go wild and crazy in a place where nobody knows you and you will never see these people again. But you don’t have to stay with your host family for the complete stay abroad. You can benefit from the advantages in the beginning and then go wild and crazy when you know your way around. Try a homestay from only £20 per night

Living with a host family has many advantages:

  • Reasons To Stay With A Host FamilyYou will pick up the language much faster, as you have to communicate with the members of your host family in the local language most of the day.
  • Your host family can show you around and answer the million questions you will have in the beginning. Where does the bus stop? How do I get a cell phone? What places are worth a visit? and many more…
  • Your host family can give you advice on safety and keep an eye on you. They know which areas of town you should avoid and which behavior might get you in serious trouble. This might be a great point to convince your real family to let you go abroad in the first place.
  • In many cases, you will become part of your host family, they will introduce you to other locals and you can establish many useful connections.
  • You will get to know local people from a completely different perspective and gain a deeper insight when you live with them. You can learn a lot about the people, their culture, beliefs, hobbies, and cuisine, an insight that you will hardly get, when you live with other foreign students in an international dorm.

When you are lucky, you will always have a family away from home and friends for a lifetime.

I know that living with a host family is not for everyone, but it is certainly an option worth to consider and there are many reasons to stay with a host family during your study abroad adventure!

Let me know, if you have any questions about living with a Host Family, I have experienced the positive and negative side of it! 😉