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MariaAbroad is now blogging for!

Hey everybody,

I have some great news to share with you all, but especially with my German readers:

MariaAbroad is now blogging for!

Einstieg is a German career magazine and website that is targeted to High School students as well as university students, giving them career advice and information about the different options for the life after school. A couple of months ago, they asked me, if they could do an interview with me for their magazine, as they were planning a study abroad special. Of course, I accepted this great opportunity! If you speak German, you can check out my interview in the current edition of the Einstieg magazine here, starting on page 27!

Well, and I guess because they liked my interview, they also asked me to blog regularly in German for their website. So if you are from Germany, or want to practice your German, check out the Einstieg blog and find my MariaAbroad blog posts in German!