How Study Abroad Can Help Your Career – Video

Study abroad can be a great point to add to your resume, especially if you studied abroad for at least 1 semester. Here are some tips how Study Abroad can help your career: Add your study abroad experience on your resume, especially, when you apply for jobs, where international experience is valued. Don’t overdo it though. Trying to make your 2 week study trip to France sound like you are a cultural Expert of France will probably do you more harm than good. Keep it real and you will see that many companies will value your sense of adventure and your ability to work with other cultures. 

How Study Abroad Can Help Your Career:

  • Language skills
  • Cultural understanding
  • Work experience with other cultures
  • Organizational/Time-Management skills
  • Independence/Self-Development
  • International network and contacts
  • Visit companies in your chosen industries

How Study Abroad Can Help Your Career Video:

What do you think of these tips? If you are still in the planning phase of studying abroad, keep these things in mind, so you can actively try to focus on these areas. For example, get some business cards and go to a few industry events, then add your new contacts to your LinkedIn or Xing. Maybe you can visit some companies in industries that you are interested in and get a feel for how business is done in this country. Those will be great talking points during your interview or a great way to make your cover letter stand out.

If you have already studied abroad, I would love to hear from you, how Study Abroad helped with your career? Did it come up in Interviews? Does the experience you gained during your study abroad help you with your current job?  Please leave a comment and share your experience.