Live Life Passionately – Motivation Monday

What does that even mean? Live life passionately? I think Van Gogh’s quote gives us something to think about. In the end, he followed through with his mantra and killed himself and we lost one of the most amazing artists in the world. That doesn’t mean that I recommend you kill yourself when you are passionate. Or bored. Or ever. But his point is that passion is important. Life or Death kinda important. 

Live Life Passionately “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” Vincent van GoghLive Life Passionately – Passion is Happiness

But why is passion so important in our lives? Why do we feel happy and fulfilled, when we talk about the things we love? When someone has passion for something, you can see it in their eyes. Their face lights up and if you were to ask them how they felt, I am pretty sure they just added a minimum of two smily faces on their happiness scale.

Live Life Passionately – Passion is Power

When we are passionate about something, we can feel it in every cell of our bodies. Passion is powerful. It turns hours into seconds and dreams into realities. It allows us to work 16 hour days and jump out of bed in the morning to do it all over again. Passion makes us focused and lets us achieve our goals. It lets us work the hardest, but makes us feel like we are not working at all. It’ll let you stay up all night and lets you forget about your snooze button. 

Confucius already said: “Choose a job you love and you you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

Why MariaAbroad is my Passion

My passion is to inspire people to learn more about our world, its different countries and cultures. I believe that by learning about people from all over the world, we become more open and accepting. We form a connection. And the more connections we have to all corners of the world, the harder it will be to be afraid of things that are foreign and to hate people we don’t even know personally, just because they are different from us. Every positive article, every beautiful picture that we see from other countries will help us to form those connections, like synapsis in our brains. I am passionate about learning with and from other cultures and I want to share what I learn with others, who might not be able to see the world’s far flung places for themselves. 

What are you passionate about?

Is it travel? Writing? A good cause? Cars? Music? Whatever it is that stirs your heart and makes you happy, do more of it. 

Maybe you are in a position to make your passion your job or start a business. Congratulations, that is beautiful! How did you get started and what is your passion baby? Please feel free to share how you got there in the comments. I am sure it it would be very helpful and motivating for our other readers to read your success stories!

But starting a business isn’t an option for all of us. We are all in different stages of our lives and while going full time might not be the best or right solution for you now, there is still plenty you can do. You can try to integrate our passion for what you love into the things you HAVE to do. Think outside the box. Maybe your dream is to write a novel. Ask your boss if you can contribute to the company newsletter and get your writing practice on. Maybe you want to travel the world as a digital nomad, but can’t make it a reality. You could become a local tour guide and learn to see your home town from a travelers perspective. 

Whatever You Do – Don’t Be Bored!

Stop wasting hours in front of the TV watching reruns of old sitcoms night after night or spend hours on end on Facebook and Co. Those things are called “guilty pleasures” for a reason. We usually don’t feel so great about our choice to waste a whole afternoon on them. Of course you do that every once in a while and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are anything like me, that occasional night turns into weeklong binge watching sessions of Dr Who. It’s easy to slip into this zombie like way of living. A mundane routine of bleakness, where days turn into weeks and weeks into months and the only thing that changes is if you have the windows open or the heater running. Don’t life your live like that. Live life passionately. Be aware of how you spend your time and when you slide down the path to Netflixistance, put on the breaks and Google “Top free things to do in my city” and get out.