Hotel Review: Kimpton Topaz Hotel Washington DC

I just got back from another trip to my favorite East Coast city: Washington DC! I never get tired of this place. So much to do and so much to see. This time, we split our time between the capital and Alexandria and had a wonderful time exploring, eating and more eating. That is what people come to DC for, right? But we also had a really nice experience at our hotel, the Kimpton Topaz Hotel Washington DC, near Dupont Circle, so I decided to share some insights on my stay. 

Welcome to the Kimpton Topaz Hotel

I flew into Baltimore because flights from San Antonio to DC directly are usually much more expensive. The husband had spent a few days in San Diego with the family and he flew in later that night. I took the Marc train to Union Station and then hopped on the Red line to Dupont Circle. From there, it is only a few blocks to the Kimpton Topaz Hotel. 

The Front Desk staff greeted me warmly and check-in was a breeze. We chitchatted for a bit and I received some great restaurant recommendations and ideas of things to do in the area. Dupont Circle is such a great base to explore Washington DC from and there are a ton of fun things to do right at Dupont Circle and walking distance from there. 


Our Room – Full of Surprises

When I got to my room, I planned on freshening up real quick and then heading out to grab dinner. But when I came to my room, I quickly changed my mind. The room was absolutely gorgeous, comfy and large, especially for a city hotel room. 

First, there were the usual things, like a big beautiful bed with fluffy pillows, a couch, a flat screen TV, but here at the Topaz Hotel, it didn’t stop there. Here are some of the room features, accessories, gifts and treats that blew me away. 

  • A Reading Nook: I love to read and to have a cozy and comfy reading nook has been a dream of mine. This one came with pillows, blankets, and even a curtain, so you can completely immerse yourself into the story and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t even exist. I could have spent hours in there. 
  • A Dressing Room: Yes, pretty fancy, hu? It was complete with a makeup table and chair, a full-length mirror and a clothes bar
  • A delicious Cheese and Cold Cuts Board was waiting for me at the table. There was so much food that it was more than enough for a full meal for both the husband and myself. 
  • A surprise Swag Bag from my favorite bookstore in DC: Kramerbooks on Dupont Circle. It is a bookstore AND a craft beer bar/restaurant. How amazing is that? I was so excited and the gifts were simply perfect. I mean, what could get a craft beer loving travel writer more excited than a Bill Bryson Book, Beer Swag and an invitation to a Craft Beer sample at the Kramerbooks Beer Bar? 
  • An Elliptical & a Yoga Mat – I guess after all that cheese and salami, they thought Maria needs some exercise. I suppose they were right πŸ˜‰ 

Kimpton Topas Hotel Design

Kimpton Hotels all have a unique design and theme at each of their hotels. The Topaz Hotel in DC, the first Kimpton Hotel on the East Coast, combines elegance and coziness that looks sophisticated, yet homey at the same time. The hotel bar has a relaxed lounge feel with a twist of 1001 nights. 

Elegant deep blues are combined with earthy olive tones, bright whites, and silver. The featured artwork is a stunning painting of an eye that adds a pop of color and sparkle to each room. The room shape is also a bit different than your regular square box hotel room, which adds to the intimate feel. There are little nooks and corners that add visual interest, but also coziness. I love the Design of the Kimpton Topaz Hotel. 

Dupont Circle – Best Location in Washington DC

The Kimpton Topaz Hotel is located near Dupont Circle, which makes it an ideal starting point to explore the city. You have easy access to the Metro (Red line), which takes you to most of the touristy (and not so touristy) attractions in Washington DC. But even on foot, you can explore a lot in this area. Here are some of the neat places to check out near Dupont Circle:

  • The Phillips Collection
  • Embassy Row
  • National Geographic Museum
  • DC Improv
  • Kramerbooks
  • Spanish Steps

A little further, but still walking distance, you find these places that are worth checking out:

    • The White House and the National Mall, including the Smithsonian Museums, as well as the Monuments and Memorials (while you can walk there, I recommend taking the Metro/Uber/Lyft there, as you will be walking A LOT in between these attractions once you get there)
    • China Town
    • National Portrait Gallery
    • The Spy Museum
    • The Renwick Gallery
    • Verizon Center


10$ Mini Bar Voucher (with Karma Rewards – sign up for free here)

Pour a drink or satisfy your midnight munchies without the guilt. Well, at least with a little less burden on your wallet πŸ˜‰

Free Wifi (also with Karma Rewards)

Upload your latest snaps, lounge in bed and watch Netflix or get some work done – The Wifi at the Topaz Hotel is decent and free. You receive your login credentials at check-in, and all you need to do is pull up a new tab or window and put in the password that you received, and you are ready to go.

Public bikes available (first come, first serve)

DC is a very bike friendly city and touring it with a bike is a great way to explore and see the sights. The Topaz Hotel offers complimentary bike rentals on a first come first serve basis. So get up early, grab a bike and ride down to the White House, along the mall and around the monuments. You can even take your bike on the Metro (avoid rush hour, though).

Complimentary Free Hot Chocolate, Coffee & Tea

I love coffee, so if you give me free coffee in the morning, I will like you. A lot. So all I have to say is: Thank you Hotel Topaz for providing me with my coffee fix in the morning. I like you. A lot ?

And the hot chocolate is simply amazing. Soooo creamy and delicious. I asked for the recipe, and they told me their secret: Chocolate Pudding! Crazy, I know, but it tastes soooo rich and velvety that I vowed I would try it at home (once it gets below 80F here in Texas)

Wine Hour

You know what I like even more than free coffee? Free wine! And the Kimpton Topaz Hotel (or any other Kimpton Hotel for that matter) offers just that. Every day from 5-6 PM, they have a little cocktail hour in the hotel lobby, pouring locally sourced red and white wines. It is great to come back to the hotel after your adventures exploring the city, freshen up and to grab a glass of wine and to socialize before heading out to dinner.

I also love that you get to connect and mingle with other travelers and it makes Kimpton my number 1 recommendation for Solo Travelers. Love it!

Pet-friendly (no extra fees, no size/breed restrictions)

As dog lovers and proud pet parent, I appreciate the fact that all Kimpton Hotels are pet-friendly and that they don’t charge a fee or have size or breed restrictions. Since we go on a lot of road trips with our dog, I will look for Kimpton hotels for our upcoming pet-cations.

$ 30 Credit Towards In-Room Spa Services (with Karma Rewards)

While I haven’t indulged in this offer, I would love to treat myself to a nice little massage in my hotel room. After a long day of sightseeing and new experiences, what could be more relaxing than a massage? 

Kimpton Topaz Hotel – The Final Verdict

I loved staying at the Kimpton Topaz Hotel in Washington DC.  A Big Thank You and Shout-out to Kimpton Hotels for inviting me to stay here. They really go the extra mile with what they offer, and I felt welcomed there. I just wish I would have had more time to spend in the hotel. Well, honestly, I just want to crawl back into my little reading nook for a few days, read and munch on cheese. I would be happy to live there. Oh, and could you deliver some of that free wine to my room? πŸ˜‰

No, but seriously, you get great value for the money. The location is perfect and the service incredible. If you are planning a trip to Washington DC and are looking for a Hotel, I highly recommend the Kimpton Topaz. 

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