Internship in China – MariaAbroad Mini Series

First of all, I wanted to thank you all for stopping by at my blog and reading my articles. As some of you already know, I am from Germany and spend quite some time abroad already. I did a High School year in Louisiana, came back to the US 6 years later for my Bachelor’s degree, did an internship in China (Beijing) and returned to the US to continue with my Master of Business Administration.

Internship in ChinaLiving abroad plays an important role in my life and I think it is a very valuable experience. As China has been my biggest adventure so far, I would like to start a Mini-Series about my experience in this foreign culture. In the following Diary-style blog posts will tell you all about the strange foods that I ate, my travels around the country, a Chinese wedding, how I was kicked out of the country, surviving a Chinese Hospital and Chinese New Year. I will share the cultural misunderstandings I had and my nice colleagues why helped me out so many times.

But there are also episodes of frustration, when the language barrier not only put stones, but boulders on my way and when I committed yet another cultural mishap. But China has been my adventure of a lifetime so far and I would not want to miss this experience for anything. However, the story starts not in China, but I’ll start out why I actually ended up in the US and how this led to my China adventure. I hope you enjoy it! The Mini Series: My internship in China Mini Series will start on August 18, 2009!

Internship in China – MariaAbroad Mini Series 

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