Hospital in China

Hospital in China – Take 1

Unfortunately, I do not have fond memories of my long and exhausting trip back from Malaysia.  I had been carrying my backpack all day long and when I finally arrived in Beijing, I could hardly walk.  My right ankle was really badly swollen and hurt like hell.  The strange thing is that I don’t even know when I actually hurt my foot.  While I was in Malaysia, I cannot recall any incident in which I could have gotten my injury.  May be it was the Langkawi curse that got me, when I tried to flee the island, who knows?  Well, when it wasn’t much better the next day, I went to work and had to find me an English-speaking doctor in Beijing.  I searched the Lonely Planet Thorne Tree Forum, found some good recommendations, and decided to go to United Family Hospital in Beijing.  Their website looked quite nice and did not have any spelling mistakes, so I hoped for the best.  Nevertheless, I was quite nervous, when I went there the next day!  Even though the building did not look very appealing from the outside, when I went in, I was surprised to find a very modern and clean hospital and all the staff spoke perfect English.  After filling out the necessary forms, I sat down in the waiting area and since I did not have an appointment, I didn’t really know when they could squeeze me in.  After about 1 ½ hours, I got to see the doctor, a very nice woman from Canada.  She looked at my ankle and told me that most likely, I had pulled my ligaments, but just to make sure, she wanted to take an X-ray.  Luckily, it turned out that my bones were in pretty good shape and not injured.  So I got my foot bandaged and some painkiller and off I went.

Hospital in China – Take 2

Well, I didn’t know how soon I would be back.  Three days later, I woke up with a horrible toothache in the middle of the night.  When I looked in the mirror, the one side of my face was completely swollen and I could barely open my mouth.  I called in sick and went back to the hospital, which also includes a dental clinic.  My dentist told me I have a very suppurating inflammation on my wisdom teeth and they have to be removed as soon as possible.  So she prescribed me some antibiotics and made an appointment for the following Thursday, 4 days later…

I stayed home the rest of the week, because I really was feeling bad.  The infection made me really tired and I slept about 15 hours a day and lived on painkillers the rest of the day.

Since they had screwed up the removal of my other two wisdom teeth in Germany, I chose to get sedated and get it done by a surgeon rather than a regular dentist.  When I went in for the surgery on Thursday, everything went well, even though they were a little bit worried, because the Chinese nurses didn’t understand that I live on my own and there was nobody to pick me up and to take care of me the next days.  Well, they were absolutely nice and even hailed me a cab to get home safely.  Of course, it hurt, but after a couple of days of noodle soup and mashed bananas, I was feeling fine again.

Well, this was an exciting experience to go to a Hospital in China, but I was really satisfied with the treatment and the people there were so professional, helpful, and caring.  I really can recommend United Family Hospital to anyone who needs medical attention in Beijing.  Nevertheless, I really hope I won’t see them again anytime soon…

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