Al Jamiat Guest Blog Post

A couple of days ago, I was happily twittering as @MariaAbroad and suddenly I received a message from @aljamiatAlJamiat is a magazine/blog that helps middle eastern students to study abroad in the US and the person who contacted me is the editor of this magazine. AlJamiat provides useful information on study abroad programs, studying in the US, living abroad, American culture, American Colleges and much more. She told me that she really likes my blog MariaAbroad and asked me, whether I would be interested in writing a guest blog post about studying abroad in the US for their blog and also have it published in their magazine. Of course, I was!!! What a great opportunity for me. Just one month after I started my blog MariaAbroad, I had the opportunity to become a published writer for a magazine. Check out my blog post about the 10 best reasons to study in the US. I  hope you enjoy it!

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