Expat.com – The Expat Blog Directory

Update: Expat Blog is now Expat.com and offers a lot of information for and from Expats all over the world. If you live abroad or are thinking of moving abroad, check out this cool resource. 

When we decide to move abroad, whether it is to work or study abroad, it is necessary to do a lot of research. However, most guidebooks and blog posts online are geared towards travelers, rather than Expats. The Expat.com Blog Directory is different.

Expat Blog Directory

The Expat.com Blog Directory is a great directory of blogs from and for expats. You can even search for your fellow countrymen and -women in your neighborhood and read their specific advice on living in this area. This is great, especially for your planning stages of going abroad and in case you do not speak the local language.

For the writers, authors and bloggers among you, the Expat Blog Directory might be helpful to reach a wider Expat audience. Submission is easy and painless! If you don’t have your own blog or don’t know how to set one up, they offer a very user friendly internal blogging interface. Create your free Expat Blog and start blogging today!

If you have specific questions about your future expat location, you can also ask fellow expats, who currently live in your future home country. The very helpful Expat-Forum  has many active members answering your questions and offering advice. It is also a great way to meet some people before you go and have someone to connect with in person, once you finally get to your new home. Reach out and ask questions, connect with fellow expats and use it later to give back to people, who are about to embark on their own Expat adventure. 

Expat.com is a great resource for people living or studying abroad, or those who are currently in the planning stages of their Expat adventure.