The Trip That Changed My Life – A Book for Charity

For those of you that follow me on Facebook (What? You don’t? Shame on you!) you already know that one of my stories will be published in a Travel Anthology called “The Trip That Changed My Life“. I am so excited to be part of this project and have my first travel story published in a Travel Anthology. Together with 50+ other Travelers, we share our travel stories that influenced our lives to inspire you, provoke your thoughts and take you on an adventure around the world.

But do you know what makes this project even better? You don’t just get to read my story, and all the other cool travel stories, but all of the profits are donated to charity. Pretty cool, hm? So you not only get a book, but you are actually helping support a really good cause and help children all over the world. 

THE TRIP THAT CHANGED MY LIFE// A book project from Denise Yahrling on Vimeo.

Why should you support The Trip That Changed My Life Charity Book project?

Like I said before, the book is not only a collection of inspiring travel stories from travelers and their adventures all over the world, it is also a charity project (Code Name: Project Alpha). All profits (sales price minus book production costs and crowdfunding fees) will go to two charities: 

Unbound: This charity allows you to sponsor children, young adults as well as elderly in poverty stricken countries. Their charity work is highly efficient and 92.5% of their donations are used for their charity projects and they work with only 7.5% overhead. 

Save the Children: This charity organization focuses on helping children in crisis areas all over the world, including the United States. 87% of their donations are used for their charity projects for disaster relief and only 13% covers all their overhead expenses (2015). 

These charities received the Top Rated Charity badge by Charity Watch and your money will make an actual difference in children’s lives, abroad and in the United States. 

How does Crowdfunding work? 

So this project uses what is called a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and cover the production costs and crowdfunding fees of the various book sales. All proceeds after these costs will go to charity. All the authors as well as the project organizer Hung Thai and his team work for free. The more backers we have, the cheaper the production costs though and the more money will go to charity. 

We offer three versions of the book: 

  • eBook (PDF with full color images) $10
  • Paperback + eBook (black & white paperback book without images) $ 25
  • Coffeetable book + Paperback + eBook (full size color book + full color images) $ 65
  • Other combinations of various number of books to give away as gifts to your friends and family

So far we collected over 51% in just a little over 72 hours. We have 26 days to fund the project completely. Can we count on you too?

How you can help:

How you can help - A trip that changed my life

How to back this project: 

Head over to the Indigogo Campaign Page for our Book for Charity project. Then you can select on of the book packages that you find on the right hand side. Once you click on it, you are sent to a checkout page to pay for your book(s). You can pay via credit card or Paypal. Once you click “Submit Payment”, your payment will go through and you’ll be added to an email list that will keep you up to date on the progress of the project. Books are scheduled to be shipped on August 5, 2016 and donations are handed over to charities on August 8,2016. 

Project Timeline: 

A Book for Charity - A trip that changed my life - Travel Anthology MariaAbroad 

So far, we already collected over 51% in just a little over 72 hours.

Can we count on you too?

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