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There are many reasons to visit San Diego; the amazing weather, the authentic Mexican food, the diversity of pretty much everything, and of course, the gorgeous beaches.  It’s no wonder so many people visit.

But did you know that San Diego isn’t just for summer vacation? In the fall, when the goblins and ghouls come out to play, San Diego begins to hum with special activities and events. Here are all the things to do on Halloween San Diego has to offer. And don’t forget your Halloween costume!

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Boats floating in the San Diego bay with the sparkling city scape in the background
San Diego Bay

Go To A Haunted House in San Diego

One of the most common things to do in the Halloween season is to go to a haunted house. It is no different in San Diego.

I recommend either The Disturbance or The Haunted Trail. Both are praised for the actors they hire and the terror they instill in their guests. They are both owned by the same people so the experiences while different hold the same amount of terror.

Read our full guide on the best Haunted Houses in San Diego here – including FAQs and Insider Tips by a San Diego Haunted House Scare Actress.

Ghostly woman dressed in white with a veil sadly draped over her head as blood drips from her forehead
San Diego Halloween Events – Haunted House

The Disturbance

New to San Diego, The Disturbance was created by the infamous Haunted Hotel in 2019. While new, it creates three horrifying haunt experiences and lives up to their Haunted Hotel reputation.

The theme changes every year but a favorite is the Kill-Billy Alley, where zombie hillbillies overrun society in the most depraved way. 

Ominous hotel hallway with red and green carpets and searing overhead lights
Haunted Hotel Hallway

The Haunted Trail

San Diego is not lush with forest and the classic cabin in the woods feel. However, in Balboa Park where the trees are clustered and you really feel like you’re in a horror movie is The Haunted Trail.

So famous and well-rated, they’ve been featured on the Travel Channel and are well respected around town. The unique psychological way they traumatize guests has people lining up day after day. This is an absolute can’t miss. You can buy tickets to both attractions at the door or online.

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Dark creepy forest trail with tall trees and thin fog
A haunted forest trail

Attend A San Diego Halloween Event

All throughout October, this southern Californian town is exploding with Halloween events for all kinds of people with every kind of budget. The Fall events are filled with laughter, food, and some scary Halloween activities that are hard to pass on.

San Diego Zoo Halloween Events

While the San Diego Zoo is one of the more ethical Zoos in the country, and we love to visit throughout the year, we don’t recommend going for Halloween.

We can’t endorse the way they treat the animals, especially during the Halloween events. Dressing up the animals and exposing them to huge crowds of excited, and screaming children often leave the animals anxious and scared.

La Mesa Oktoberfest

While this not scary, it is still a fun October event in San Diego. This free festival has been lively and thrumming since 1973. Thousands of people gather for the Munich-inspired celebration year after year.

If you’re not up for a beer or you’re too young, there are activities and drinks for you too. Specialty cocktails are offered in the garden and kid-friendly activities await your gaming spirit. There’s no possible way you can’t have fun here. 

Pint of beer filled to the frothy brim next to lovely yellow stemmed flowers
La Mesa Octoberfest

Hauntfest on Main – San Diego East County

On October 25th, a free festival takes place on Main Street in the East County neighborhood. Take the family on an outing filled with pumpkin patches, candy challenge activities, costume contests, and so much more. 

Families searching a vast field filled with bright orange pumpkins for the perfect pick of the patch
Pumpkin Patch San Diego

Horrifying History & Culture in San Diego

Among the top San Diego Halloween Events to choose from, the best way to get into a spooky fall mood is to do activities that pertain to the history and culture of the town.

San Diego is an old town, founded in 1769. The oldest part of the city is Old Town. Get into the hauntingly amazing history and culture through tours.

People wandering around San Diego's Old Town with the sign saying "Old Town Market" overhead
The Old Town Market

Haunted Happening Tour San Diego

While not tremendously terrifying like the haunts during this time, this tour will keep you at the edge of your seat. The compelling stories of murder, mystery, and ghosts rumored to still roam will get you in the whimsical mood. You will visit all the haunted sites in San Diego, including the Whaley House – one of the most haunted places in America.

Tickets are available online and kids are more than welcome on the tour. The company also offers an adult-only bonfire at the Del with wine and spirits of all sorts. 

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Empty old graveyard in the burning daylight with trees in Old Town San Diego
Cemetery in San Diego’s Old Town

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour San Diego

For further immersion into the San Diego Halloween events, you can take a tour on a renovated all-black “doom buggy”. Get transported back in time with such skill that by the end of the tour, you’ll feel as if you’re a ghost roaming the astral plane. This tour is not appropriate for children as the stories told contain graphic details and adult themes.

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Old Comopolitan Hotel on a bright sunny day in Old Town, San Diego, CA with an old carriage in front of it
Famous Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town

Terrifyingly Fun Nightclubs with Special Halloween Parties in San Diego

For my energetic people out there, those who love the lively nightclubs, during Halloween San Diego has an explosively lively nightclub scene. This is the scene for people who like the costume and more commercialized version of Halloween. There’s plenty of fun in these Halloween activities.

Crowd at a lively concert dancing a distance from the brightly lit stage
Crowd at a nightclub

WCKD Village

On October 26th, see East Village and the Gaslamp District transform into a demented and twisted block party, possibly the largest one in San Diego. Party to the live music of big named professionals and have a chance at a cash prize for the costume contest.

There’s no doubt you’d have a blast meeting new people and partying with your friends all night long at this bomb block party.

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From a window, the downtown area of San Diego during a clear day
View of the Gaslamp Quarter from the Convention Center

Nightmare on Normal Street

Also on October 26th, Hillcrest has one of the best parties for all of Halloween. Not quite as big as WCKD but probably far more local friendly.

With local food trucks and DJs plus the costume contest and the massive dance floor, there are loads of things you can do on this night of thrilling adventure.

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Hotel and Resort Halloween Fun in San Diego

Rather than staying at the hotels and resorts in San Diego during this peak time, you can get the same experience with the wicked Halloween activities San Diego hotels and resorts offer during this time.

These activities are, what I like to call, treat yourself activities or bougie activities but so worth it for the great experience.

Spooky ominous mansion in the middle of nowhere on a dark and stormy night
Spooky haunted mansion

Witches of Westgate Tea

In honor of the countless stories and lore on wicca, Westgate Hotel in Downtown San Diego conducts a quaint all-inclusive tea with a spooky Halloween theme.

The event takes place on October 19th and the hotel encourages those who attend to wear a bewitching costume for the contest that also takes place during the tea. Children are welcome and tickets are available online. 

Conveign with Your Fellow Witches Here

Creepy doll sitting at an otherwise empty table for a tea party
Creepy doll tea party

Nightmare Before Halloween

On the 25th of October, the Lafayette Hotel transforms into the infamous Tim Burton movie. The wonderland of Halloween cheer is more for adults and includes performances by musicians and a costume contest to find the best Tim Burton inspired costume. This is a can’t miss for the holiday movie favorite.

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Cards with images and phrases on them are sprawled over a red clothed table
Tarot Cards

Packed with history, fun, and some unbeatable weather that San Diego is known for, visitors can find some extra few gems in the fall season. In San Diego, Halloween is not only a chance to all out on eccentricities and munch on classic candy favorites, but it is also a time to reflect on the town’s dark history and get in touch with your magical side.

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Things To Do On Halloween: San Diego Edition was written and edited by Emmalie Roberts. You can follow her Instagram here.

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