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China – Top 5 Study Abroad Destination

China – Top 5 Study Abroad Destination

Today, I found an interesting article that said China has become the 5th most popular study abroad destination for US college kids. For most of us, including me, this is a surprising development. Yes, we heard it all: China – the raising power in the east that eventually will take America’s spot as the most powerful economy in the world. It seems, College students have listened to these stories too and have taken action to become ready for a world under Chinese influence. Even though the Chinese economy was hit hard by the recent economic crisis, more and more business majors, law students and engineers go to China to experience the culture, make connections for a lifetime and learn the Chinese way of doing business.

Great Wall of ChinaHowever, there are more reasons why China is becoming a top destination for foreign students. First, I believe that students become more daring and adventurous with their study abroad choices. While England, France, Italy and Australia are still the top destinations for study abroad programs, more and more students want to see and experience something completely different to their own Western culture. If you stay for a couple of months in China, you will see and experience some things and situations that you can only experience there, whether these experiences might be wonderful or shocking they will always be remembered. Also, the culture of the Chinese people is very different and it certainly take a lot of adaptability to understand and function in this environment.

Another reason is of course the costs of the study abroad programs in China. While flights to Europe and China are about the same, the costs of liviChinang at a student level is much lower in China. You can find an apartment in the middle of Beijing’s student district for $ 250-300 and if you are daring enough to try the little “hole in the wall restaurants” and street food stands, you can eat out every meal and spend less than $ 10/day. In todays economy, where parents (still the main source of funding of study abroad activities) might have to cut back on funding even their childrens education, China is a cheap alternative to other study abroad destinations. Also, as the Chinese currency Yuan is linked to the US Dollar and does not fluctuate as much, it is especially for US kids and their parents easier to calculate a budget for the study abroad time than for example a study abroad program in Europe.

But there are not only great study abroad options in China, but also great internship opportunities in China. I did an internship in China myself and it is much easier to organize than an internship in Europe. Most Chinese companies feel proud, if a foreigner with a good command of the English language asks to work for them. However, I would recommend to study at least the basics of the language first, especially if  your host company consists of mainly Chinese people and you also want to learn something about your future profession. The more you know the language, the easier it will be to become integrated, make friends and actually do some meaningful work at the company.

Want to more about finding an internship in China? Read my blog post on How to find an internship in China!

P.S. If you want to know more about my experience in China, come back soon. I will start publishing a series of blog posts on my experience in China, including a Chinese Wedding, sharing a room with my Chinese colleague during a business trip and how I was kicked out of the country. Starting soon….

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How to find an Internship in China

How to find an Internship in China

You want to do an internship in China? But you don’t know how to get things started? Well, after I finished my Bachelors Degree, I decided to get some work experince abroad before starting my Masters and an internship in China seemed the best solution. My university (CIBU in San Diego) offered a study tour to China and after visiting this amazing country for 2 weeks, I knew that I wanted to go back there and get a deeper insight into this culture. Here is some information on how to find an internship in china, things you need to organize before you go and other helpful advice:china

1. Find an internship position:

– Contacts: Talk to any Chinese people in your network about your plans and ideas about going to China. Chinese are very helpful and will not only give you good advice and information about their home country, but it might happen, that they actually know someone in China that works in your field of study, who would be willing to become you host company. This is how I found my internship position and as networking in China is the way of getting things done, your chances are pretty high.

– Internet: Research on the web and check out the websites of your home country’s Chamber of Commerce network in China. Many of them do not only list jobs, but also internship positions in China. You can also research companies in your field on DMOZ or other industry directories and send your application directly to the companies that you want to work for. Regarding your resume, you should include a professional picture, date of birth, and list your work experience and education in chronological order.

– Internship plaGreat Wallcement programs and language schools: If you do not find an internship position in China through your contacts or the internet, you can also use an internship placement company. They will review your resume and find you an internship position in the field of your interest. Of course, this is less work for you, but it will cost you some bucks to find a good placement service. Also, some language schools offer an internship placement service, but you usually have to do a language course for a certain minimum period. This is actually an option worth to consider, as it will be a great advantage for you, if you already know at least the basics of the Chinese language. You will be able to take on more responsibilites during your internship and work more effectively with your Chinese colleagues. In addition, you will get a deeper insight into the Chinese culture and you can do more things on your own, as you don’t have to rely on others to help you with the language issues.

Here is a great book that I can really recommend for everybody that wants to organize an internship abroad DYI: The Imaginative Soul’s Guide to Foreign Internships: A Roadmap to Envision, Create and Arrange Your Own Experience It already came out in 1993, but it is still one of the best books on the topic out there. It has a step-by-step guideline of all the things you need to take care of and shows you why an internship abroad can be a great alternative in today’s job market.

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