Marie M.

Hi Everybody! I am Marie. I am a French student in San Diego (Sun Diego some say :-) since last August to June2010, I am spending a year abroad in the US during my a bachelor of science in management. Only 21 and a huge desire to discover, and studying abroad is one of my biggest adventures of all time. In my French business school, we have to study abroad programs from one month to one year and I choose one year.

Was I afraid? Yes, a lot! It is easy to say you want to study abroad but less easy to actually do it. Everything tells you to stay in known places (friends, family, habits…), especially when you are going to another country, with another language, with another culture and especially when you will not come back home for months. But you know what? It is so amazing to study abroad, everything is so different that it almost becomes like a game: how do I make people understand me? Which way to go from A to B? What are these people asking me? Why does  their food look so weird? Et caetera. It is as if you were beginning a new life, you have to create news habits. You feel as if you were learning how to read: you can read some words and others not yet, but in the end you do understand the whole book. That is, if you ask me why I would study abroad, I will answer: studying abroad is a great way to have new experiences and gain new knowledge. That is right, in our countries we can find all we need (from education to food) but if I had stayed in France, how would  I have learned to adapt myself to another culture? To another country? To people  that are so different from my friends and family in France? Adventure is the willingness to be surprised, to be amazed and to be amused by this other culture, this other country, and other people.

During this year lot of things happened and I was so surprised, in fact my beautiful France is not so far from San Diego, thanks to internet, skype, facebook and all that stuffs. It is as if my country, friends and family were next to me, sharing my day and allowing me to be part of theirs. But this way of easy communication can be bad and might stop you from discovering all these great things that are out there. So stop to being a geek! Put your shoes and walk! Talk to people, we have so much things to learn and to experience. In fact, one year is so short to study abroad. I am looking forward to sharing my experience about living abroad here with you and give advice on living and studying abroad.

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