Interview Martha – A Polish Girl in the UK


Q) What is your name?

I am Barbara T.

Q) How old are you?

I am 24 years old.

Q) What is your home country?

I was born in Poland, I spent my childhood there.

Q) Where do you currently live?

I live in the United Kingdoms.

Q) What field do you study?

I have always been fond of fashion, I’ve been studying it the 6 last years.

Q) Where have you been studying?

I was at Central St Martins, London , a school of fashion ! I am planning to be the next Alexander Macqueen !

Q) Why?

This choice was more a professional one than a personal one. Although, England is a country in which fashion is very present (as well as in France), so I was already interested this place.

Q) What were the most positive aspects in having such an international experience you would underline?

Well I had for first a great time and i think it was a fulfilling experience .I was able to perfect my English and meet new people .

Q) What were the most negative ones? Why? How did you face it?

Being far away from home was hard but i got used to it. My parents called me often..

Q) Did you already have experiences abroad (such as scholar exchange, internship and so on)? Where?

No never this was my first time. I hope not the last !

Q) Were local people always friendly and open with you?

Indeed they were ! Everybody was very welcoming and friendly . I never had any problems with that

Q) Who helped you to face the daily problems you may have had to face?

Mostly my tutors over there and rapidly, my new friends.

Q) Did you have to deal with the « cultural shock »? What were the symptoms? How did you face it? Back home, any reverse cultural shock?

Well not really ! I must say I got used to the culture so quickly that it wasn’t a shock ! I guess it was more weird to go back to my usual culture!

Q) Do you consider this experience as globally beneficial to you? In a personal way? In a professional way?

Well in a personal way , I made new friends and interlarded my relations. In a professional way it was a great opportunity for me to travel abroad

Q) A word to conclude?

(Censored) :)

3 thoughts on “Interview Martha – A Polish Girl in the UK

  1. sofia

    Living abroad is a great experience both professionally and on a personal level.
    It seems like a good thing to have on your CV 😉

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