What can I gain by doing my Masters abroad?

To have experience abroad, in a company or as a student, is really important in companies which work on a worldwide scale. Managers are more and more required to have a cultural comprehension and a certain criticism concerning the national market. A Master degree is a valuable investment, in particular because of its acceptance everywhere in the world and of the diversity of the programs. To do a Master abroad is a good opportunity to get to know other cultures, improve your language skills and create an international network. This experience abroad can however can also mean high costs which should not be neglected. You have to determine if studies abroad are helpful for you and if it is the case, which study abroad program, will positively influence your career.

What can I gain by doing my Master abroad: Get into the country

Many candidates do not want to only study abroad, they wish also to work and live there. If one wishes to have an international career abroad, then the Master degree is a really good option. These studies propose a true relationship and an exchange with the other students, the readers and the tutors. Even in a Bachelor program it is the case. But the Master degree is a true springboard towards the working world. Caution: inform yourself about the visa regulations, work conditions and about the residence permit.

What can I gain by doing my Master abroad: Find a Job abroad

The laws of immigration validate your stay in the country. In Great Britain for example, there are certain directives which make it possible to the students to remain and work after their studies, but this also depends on your country of origin. The difficulty to find a job strongly depends on the reputation of the business school which accommodated the student. The candidates of very famous businesses schools will not have any problem to obtain a residence permit and to work in very good companies. The graduates of average schools will have more difficulties to obtain a visa and to find a job, except if they belonged to the best of their class.

What can I gain by doing my Master abroad: Competitive Advantage back home

A Master degree can be also an advantage if you decide to return to your home country and work for an international company. This experiment abroad makes it possible to the graduates to think on an international level and to understand the total interconnection between the markets. This knowledge can be also a great advantage for companies with only local scales.
As I said before, to do a Master abroad can represent high costs. So you have to determine if a Master program abroad is really useful in your case. The businesses-schools and the universities propose most of the time study abroad programs or training courses in schools or partners companies. You will have to ask youself certain questions such as: Which are the strong points in my career? Which precautions will I have to take? Does a Master degree from abroad represent an advantage or not? And if the responses to these questions are good enough to take the risk, take it because in most cases, it is a real advantage to get a Master degree from abroad!

Advantages of Studying Abroad

If you read through this article and got a bit overwhelmed with the dicision whether you should take the plunge and study abroad or not, check out this book: The Global Student is the perfect book to show you that that living abroad is a great way to spark your career and see how many advantages living and studying abroad really has.

6 thoughts on “What can I gain by doing my Masters abroad?

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  2. raffles

    hi one needs to be selective about where they acquire their Masters too. not all Masters are the same, cos most employers especially the bigger ones value Masters obtained from more reputable schools along with the relevant working experience.

  3. Randall

    Having your Masters is a great opportunity and great lift for career improvement… especially so if you are going to have it in one on the best international schools in the world. But choosing the right school is not an easy decision so knowing what you want and what you need will help a lot in choosing the right school that can meet your expectations.

  4. study abroad

    Doing master degree in reputable university or college matters a lot in carreer path. i completely agree. so its my best suggestion for study abroad students to select their course along with the reputable industry or college for higher studies.

  5. Avinash

    Will there be some distractions or partiallity like treating the other country men differently ?
    And How much the GRE score will have the impact on admission for a good school ?

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