5 Great Study Abroad Programs

If you want to study abroad, but need some help to organize everything, a study abroad agency can be the way to go. Often, universities partner up with these agencies to provide more study abroad destinations to their students and also to have a local support network while you are abroad. Here are 5 great study abroad agencies that MariaAbroad has talked to or read a lot about their programs:

Academic Programs International

Academic Programs International is an independent study abroad organization that offers study abroad programs which give the opportunity to experience the world, study in a foreign country, and for American students to earn university credit. They provide living, travel, educational, and cultural opportunities for U.S. students in a lot of countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, England, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Poland and Spain. Moreover their website is really cool, really clear and useful. A few of these countries are in the top 10 study abroad destinations for US students, so it is a great opportunity!

Aspire Abroad

Aspire Abroad offers you admissions to graduate and post graduate courses in all leading disciplines, at universities all over the world. Aspire is the officially authorized representative of Institutions like :  Lugansk State Medical University, Ternopil State Medical University and National Aerospace University-Kharkiv Aviation Institute- Ukrain and KES College -Cyprus.

CEA Global Education

CEA Global Education founded in 1997 is providing international education opportunities for U.S. and Canadian college students of all language levels and majors. According to their website, CEA is currently sending thousands of students on study abroad programs to universities in 14 countries including Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Spain. Here again, like for the API organization, a few of these countries are on the top of the US students favorite destinations.

International Student Office

The International Student Office is the direct representative of 4 universities from abroad. This organizational structure is a little bit different from the last one we saw. They are directly employed by these universities and advise prospective students about the most suitable program, the application process, visa application and advice on living in a foreign country. And while in other organizations it is charged, consultation is completely free of charge at the International Student Office. So take this opportunity!

Study Chile

Study Chile is an educational agency that provides educational services in Chile to students from all over the world. According to their website they provide immersion, cultural programs, language programs, volunteering programs and any other tailor made programs at the most important universities in Chile. Moreover, their owners have the experience of living abroad; they know what students studying abroad are looking for and what they can learn in doing that.
Have you participated in any of the mentioned programs? What was your experience with them? Do you think it made your study abroad experience easier to organize? Let us know!

Advantages of Studying Abroad

If you read through this article and got a bit overwhelmed with the dicision whether you should take the plunge and study abroad or not, check out this book: The Global Student is the perfect book to show you that that living abroad is a great way to spark your career and see how many advantages living and studying abroad really has.

5 thoughts on “5 Great Study Abroad Programs

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  2. Study in Cyprus

    Spanish language Immersion is one of the best things I have done. My experience was in Puerto Rico (a paradise in the Caribbean) where people is amazing. I did a two weeks program with Gospanishpr, while taking surfing classes. Buenísimo!

  3. Christiana

    hi. I read the whole blog and I wetand to let you know that I found it very helpful. It was a lot of help in solving a problem that I was having.

  4. kyrrawhite

    Yes. A study abroad agency is helpful. The best Chinese study program in china is Go Abroad China.
    Ever since I participated in an exploratory Mandarin Chinese course in Grade 11, I had always craved the ideal opportunity to immerse myself in Chinese culture. As my university required an internship component as a graduation requirement, it seemed only reasonable to set my eyes on China as an internship destination. Only one concern remained. How would such an ambition become feasible? Luckily, there is Go Abroad China (GAC), a non-profit organization dedicated in equipping young adventurous interns in China with the expectation that they succeed and emerge as global leaders.
    Naturally, the core of the internship program revolves around endeavors at the workplace. Assuming that the companies operate Anglophone environments, exposure to Chinese culture on a daily basis appears to be missing. Thanks to GAC, embedding elements of a culture pertaining to one-sixth of the world’s population everyday became a reality that left me as a well-rounded and open-minded leader prepared for future challenges involving China’s emergence as a world superpower.
    If learning the Chinese language and customs is to occur regularly, then focusing in on the accommodation remains imperative. GAC abounds with options that enable participants to live with Chinese of all lifestyles. In my case, I managed to live with single roommates working full time, a wealthy family in Beijing’s northern suburbs, and a host mother who worked professionally as a doctor. Irrespective of social status, all appreciated my effort to learn Mandarin, and they introduced me to a wide array of Beijing specialties to satisfy my appetite for Chinese cuisine. Such a set-up proved worthwhile in helping me integrate into Chinese society.
    Additionally, GAC provided supplementary help in learning Mandarin my assigning me a tutor. We would meet regularly in a cafe in order to maximize the language-learning environment since I could order food in Chinese at the same time. If the student’s expectations do not directly correspond to those proposed by the tutor, GAC offers flexibility in which changing a tutor would not be problematic.
    Assuming that the participant takes Mandarin, resides with a Chinese-speaking host family, and has exposure to the cuisine, everything would seem to be in order. What else could still be missing? GAC fills in the last missing puzzle piece by inviting students to take part at numerous excursions and cultural workshops offered on a weekly basis. Whether it be climbing at the Ming Wall, or learning the ins and outs of a Chinese massage, participants will enthusiastically choose cultural electives that cover an extensive realm of preferences. Those passionate about history and gardening will enjoy the Summer Palace, while those who are more action-oriented will enjoy Tai Chi.
    Without GAC, interns would abound with confusion in a part of the world that may initially seem unfamiliar to them. Nevertheless, the help of such a reliable agency around the clock engages participants in an adventure that they will treasure for a lifetime. Remember, whatever a student puts into the experience is what he or she takes out of it, and those who take advantage of GAC will find a very rewarding experience that will remain indented in their memories beyond their stay in China.
    Hope my comment is helpful to those want to learn Chinese.

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