How to find an Internship in China

How to find an Internship in China

You want to do an internship in China? But you don’t know how to get things started? Well, after I finished my Bachelors Degree, I decided to get some work experince abroad before starting my Masters and an internship in China seemed the best solution. My university (CIBU in San Diego) offered a study tour to China and after visiting this amazing country for 2 weeks, I knew that I wanted to go back there and get a deeper insight into this culture. Here is some information on how to find an internship in china, things you need to organize before you go and other helpful advice:china

1. Find an internship position:

- Contacts: Talk to any Chinese people in your network about your plans and ideas about going to China. Chinese are very helpful and will not only give you good advice and information about their home country, but it might happen, that they actually know someone in China that works in your field of study, who would be willing to become you host company. This is how I found my internship position and as networking in China is the way of getting things done, your chances are pretty high.

- Internet: Research on the web and check out the websites of your home country’s Chamber of Commerce network in China. Many of them do not only list jobs, but also internship positions in China. You can also research companies in your field on DMOZ or other industry directories and send your application directly to the companies that you want to work for. Regarding your resume, you should include a professional picture, date of birth, and list your work experience and education in chronological order.

- Internship plaGreat Wallcement programs and language schools: If you do not find an internship position in China through your contacts or the internet, you can also use an internship placement company. They will review your resume and find you an internship position in the field of your interest. Of course, this is less work for you, but it will cost you some bucks to find a good placement service. Also, some language schools offer an internship placement service, but you usually have to do a language course for a certain minimum period. This is actually an option worth to consider, as it will be a great advantage for you, if you already know at least the basics of the Chinese language. You will be able to take on more responsibilites during your internship and work more effectively with your Chinese colleagues. In addition, you will get a deeper insight into the Chinese culture and you can do more things on your own, as you don’t have to rely on others to help you with the language issues.

Here is a great book that I can really recommend for everybody that wants to organize an internship abroad DYI: The Imaginative Soul’s Guide to Foreign Internships: A Roadmap to Envision, Create and Arrange Your Own Experience It already came out in 1993, but it is still one of the best books on the topic out there. It has a step-by-step guideline of all the things you need to take care of and shows you why an internship abroad can be a great alternative in today’s job market.

If you are interested in going with an organized program, check out the following links:

Hutong Language School


17 thoughts on “How to find an Internship in China

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  3. Sean

    It is pretty easy to find an internship in China especially if you are not looking for a paid internship. Many Foreign companies can always have a use for a foreigner if they are working for free.

    Many times if you just look for jobs on Craig’s list and LinkedIn in the location in China you want to live; then you can usually find someone that will be willing to give you a job.

  4. Joanna

    This is Joanna liu from BJ, China. We are providing culture and education exchange between China and western countries. We are a comprehensive, affordable and service-oriented company. We run professional internship programs in China for several years. Our mission is to help students, graduates and young professionals bridging the gap between the students to the professional world by getting the best possible professional experience as an intern in China. We also aim at promoting professional and social connections between students from all over the world as we believe that life inside our internship program open eyes to the ways of a broader world. We have good relationships with local companies and established partnership with a number of businesses around China who are expectable to accept foreign talents from all over the world. Each internship placement is tailored to the individual according to their C.V. /Resume to ensure that they get the maximum benefit out of the internship program. We have placed interns in a diverse range of fields.

    We hope to become the partner in China.Our website is

    My email address:

  5. vera

    I think it’s easy to find a internship in China.Of course,if you know some basic Chinese,you can get more opportunities.
    Before I came to China, I studied Chinese online from It’s a pretty good website.There are hundreds of interesting Chinese video lessons. Then I moved in China. The local people was surprised by my Chinese when I had a interview. Surely my Chinese is not good enough,I continue learnning it.

  6. Diving Internships

    Is it necessary to speak basic / decent mandarin before seeking an internship. I think probably the best way to gain fluency in Chinese is by immersing yourself and it would seem that at internship is the perfect way to do that?
    Presumably there are many international companies offering internships which would accept candidates with little or no Chinese Language skills?

  7. vivin

    we can provides tailor-made internship programs in China. we assure you will gain unique and positive work experience, learning Chinese language and tasting Chinese culture. If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact us. My msn:

  8. Mark Smith

    An internship in China is really helpful to enhance our CV in today’s tough economic times. Especially if its a paid one. I found the internships positions offered by Go Abroad China really interesting

  9. Tic Two

    If you are looking for an Internship in China, you can contact us at Tic Two via our website at

    We have over five years of international recruitment experience, an extensive knowledge and experience of Chinese business practice and a strong professional network.

    This, complimented with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team on the ground helps to ensure that you are able to make the most of your internship in China.

  10. Kyle Wong

    Our company is a large import and export company in Yiwu, Zhejiang China. With the improvement of our business, now we are looking for 2 young adults working here, we provide free apartment for you and other requirement we can talk about. Yiwu is an international city for small commodities , here you can make friends with people all over the world and learn how to do business with them, If you are interested pls contact Kyle Wong .My email is

  11. Jonathan

    Many foreign or local Chinese interns face issues in getting placed as the companies feel they bring little experience to their prospective positions. offers a great Mini MBA program that, once interns have completed this training, in all aspects of global business best practices , have had a 100% placement rate for paid internships.

  12. Casperkranenbrog

    A intership abroad agency is very helpful to get an intership. I have a wonderful intern program in china with Go Abroad China.
    A number of things contributed to making my internship such a fantastic experience. First of all, as I chose the home stay option, I was living with a Chinese family in a typical Beijing apartment. The family was very kind and provided assistance to me where they could. Secondly, the internship position itself and the company I worked for were excellent. For the first time since starting my studies I was able to get real-world, hands-on experience applying my knowledge, and I got to learn a lot of new stuff along the way. Thirdly, the other employees at my work were great people who really enriched my experience.
    I initially discovered GAC simply because they were one of the few overseas agencies to offer an internship program in my discipline. After browsing their website for an hour or so it became apparent to me that GAC was an extremely professional organization that has a clear understanding of student needs. Then I proceeded to contact a representative of the company. All of my questions were promptly answered, and the process for applying for the internship program was clearly explained.
    Prior to coming to China I did not speak any Chinese at all, and naturally this makes life a little bit difficult, especially when trying to get directions or order food at restaurants. However, the program coordinator’s service was extremely good. They were extremely friendly and helpful, and made the transition to Beijing life much easier than it would otherwise have been. I will recommend this program as it provides a very unique and rewarding experience, and is provided by a very professional and helpful organization. Choosing GAC for my internship has been an excellent decision, and I have not regretted it for a moment.

  13. Brandon

    Wow, Maria, your page got spammed out!

    I too run an internship company, but I won’t plug it in the comments here.

    At the end of the day, the search for an internship comes down to time verse money. That, and connections.

    If you have connections in China, and time to nurture those relationships, you can find an internship on your own.

    If China is new territory for you (and it is for many), and you are short on time but are willing to invest financially into finding the right internship, then a placement company may be the way to go.

    Either way, have fun and please do come to China- you’ll love it here :)

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