How to learn a language in just weeks

How to learn a language in just weeks

When you want to study abroad, you need to learn the language, otherwise you will miss out on the best part! Here are are 6 tips that will help you to learn the basics of a foreign language within just a couple of weeks!

1. Free Podcasts

Search for free language podcasts and listen to them where ever you go, in the car, bus, while you exercise, do dishes and in bed before you are going to sleep. You don’t have to memorize it, just get used to the pronunciation and try to remember the words without any pressure.

2. Connect with native speakers

languagePut up an ad on craigslist or find people in your network that are native speakers of the language that you want to learn. Invite them for a cup of coffee once a week and ask them to talk to you in the foreign language. Depending on your knowlege of the language, you can answer in your native language or try to throw in the words that you already know in the foreign language.

3. KISS – Keep it simple, stupid

Try not to focus too much on grammar, rules, pronunciation and exceptions. Yeah, thats right – no grammer!!! Always remember, when a foreigner comes up to you and asks you something like: Where find toilet I? You will still understand what he or she means, right? After you have a basic grasp of the foreign language, you can start concentrating on those issues, but it is more important that people will understand the basic meaning of what you are saying than perfect grammar use, don’t you agree?

4. Important words

Make a list of 150 very important words and expressions that are essential for everyday communication. Look them up in a dictonary and study them, so you know them by heart! Believe it or not, 150 words will get you further than you imagine.

Examples are:

language1– Where is…
– Can you repeat that, please?
– Thank you
– Please
– Can you speak slower?
– Can you help me, please?
– I want to go…
– How much is this?
– hungry/thirsty
– buy
– go

Write them on flash cards and put them into categories, such as: Which expressions can I use on the road, at home, in class, with friends, etc. If a word fits into several categories, write them down several times and put them into each category. You can also write these words on Post-its and put them up all over your room. I always put some in the kitchen and bathroom over the sink and read them, while I was doing dishes or brushing my teeth.

5. Watch movies with subtitles

Watch movies in the language that you want to learn and read the subtitles. Try to understand as much as you can and get used to the language. After you have seen the movie a couple of times and know the story, try it without subtitles.

study-language6. Read books/stories in the foreign language

Buy a book that you already know very well in the language you want to learn and read it. Try to read it slow and understand as much as you can. If you don’t understand some of the words, try to guess their meaning from context and only look it up, if it comes up several times and you still don’t know what it means. Add this word to your study list!

The most important thing about learning a language is that you are committed and try to get as much exposure to this language as possible. It definetly does NOT mean to burry yourself in front of your desk and study vocab and grammer for weeks and weeks. Speak the language whenever possible and try not to be afraid of mistakes. The person you are speaking to will appreciate you effort and will think highly of you!

I hope these 6 tips will help you to learn a foreign language in an interesting, interactive and practical way. You will not learn stupid expressions from textbooks that you will never need, but words that you will use every single day while you study abroad and connect with local people there.

All language courses are less than $ 30 on Amazon! Buy them now and start to get ready for your adventure abroad!!!

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  1. Min Min

    Good tips!
    Do you have the “150 very important words and expressions ” list?
    Can you share it? I am thinking to add this to my learning Chinese website (


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